Wednesday Indulgence... Summer's here!


It was a year ago when I posted this about our special bottle of wine… That was our first summerwine (I love that Nancy's song…). And, one year later, here I am, after a never ending winter, the sun has come and we are preparing a nice white wine tasting…
This is a 2011 Biological Riesling from Austria- a country I just can’t wait to visit, especially in winter- from this fantastic winery, in Langenlois. I highly recommend you to visit their website and meet the amazing landscape, familiar image and modern winery. You will find pictures like these.


And what will you pair this wine with? Please, give some advices.
Meanwhile, I’ve remembered this nice plate I picked from Joanna Goddard’s blog and I’m going to prepare something like that to enjoy the wine and make this first sunny Wednesday a different and summertime one.
Yummy, isn’t it?

It may won’t be the last Loimer’s wine we taste, this could be a good summer evening one… I will let you know.

So, if you can't remember how summer sounds like, this is a fantastic spanish sound!
And... Have a greatWednesday!

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  1. Gracias Roberto,
    Es un buen destino enoturístico Austria, no te parece?
    Lo apunto en la lista de futuribles próximos...