Wednesday Indulgence

Tasting room

This is a picture (a very old one, certainly) from the Somontano’s winery Irius, of their amazing tasting room. It was so White, because it was completely built with Corian, an incredible hygienic material I have usually seen in sanitary buildings.

I will write about my experiences in Somontano wineries and landscape soon.
Have a nice Wednesday!

Feet on the ground


This is a medieval Rioja Alta located village with an unusually well preserved castle- and a popular winery inside. And this is a picture I took of the pavement during an afternoon walk last spring.

Sajazarra is a great example of fine housing maintenance and care about streets and pavements renovation.

This web can help you to discover the amazing heritage of the Rioja Alta main towns.  This is a great summer plan if you are interested in wine tourism.

Highly recommended!


Have a great weekend!

_ ‘The bottle’

Some time ago (years actually!), we were given this bottle of sweet- Hungarian wine by a friend of us, great giveaway, isn't it? Since that day,  it has been in our fridge ready to be drunk. We have been waiting for a special moment to open it, but there have been lots of special moments and we haven’t tasted this.
This is an amazing wine, Tokaji Aszú, made with botrytised grapes, well known all around the world. I’ve tasted wines like this before, but no a 6 puttonyos’ one.
That’s why I’ve decided to open it next weekend, prepare a nice dinner and… 
Thereby that moment will become special!
You can find this yummy recipe at NYT- dinning
And this will be our first SUMMER WINE!

Are you saving any bottle for a special day too? Which one? I´d love to know...

Enjoy your weekend!


Wednesday Indulgence

Rioja landscape

Last weekend we really enjoyed our sunset bike-rides when it was not so sunny. I couldn’t help making a stop to take some pictures of the vineyards landscape; it seems to me awesome anytime of the year.  

Rioja is a great place to ride on bike, I’m thinking new routes for the next weekend, I will let you know, so…

Have a nice Wednesday!


Have a great weekend

Summer is here!

It’s time to spend hours outdoors and have some wine with family and friends.
These are some photos I took in a recent trip to Norway, I love these nice terraces and the way Norwegian streets look in the summer. Even it’s not so warm weather as ours; they enjoy outdoors live and care a lot about the decoration and the details of their streets. I wish we’d do it more in many places in Spain.

Therefore, that’s my plan for this weekend: Bike- rides, some children’s swimming pool, and… funny familiar evenings with ‘fresh wine’ at the garden.
This is a great suggestion from Rioja... Nice video!
And what about yours?

Enjoy your weekend!


Feet on the ground

Cadaqués_ mayo 2012

I can hardly remember the last time I walked over such an incredible pavement. Cadaqués, the centre of this amazing village, has the original well conserved stone streets floor. (Don't try to visit with a stroller and really dangerous on heels).

This is a popular nice Mediterranean fishing village not only because of the beauty of the traditional housing, but the picturesque corners and details everywhere.  
You can also see below how are the new pavements following the tradition.

Therefore, don’t forget to take a look ‘Under yourfeet’and... enjoy your tuesday!



Wednesday Indulgence 2012 06 06

Rosé evening!

You already know I am always searching for something to relax and improve my hardest day of the week.
Today, I had no new ideas, afterwards I read this article about the most popular wine for the summer, Rosé, and decided to put this amazing bottle from Bodegas Santalba to cool: Abando Rosé barrel fermented.
Well, this evening is getting better now…
I’d recommend. You can buy it here.
Have a nice Wednesday!


Have a great weekend

I want to share with you these suggestive images of Joe Cariati Glass  from his web. Joe Cariati @joecariati is a designer and glassblower from Los Angeles, USA.
His work is an incredible collection of unique hand-made pieces by the traditional Venetian technique. I hope you liked it.
Enjoy your weekend!