Have a great weekend!

Today is an amazing bright and sunny spring Friday! And here is a nice and colored photo I want to share with you. It’s  from a fantastic olive products store (Olive Delicatessen del Mediterráneo) I visited in my latest trip to Barcelona.

A lot of different flavored vinegar bottles, with simple labels, lovely, aren’t they? And it is so good... yummy!
Perfect for a weekend lunch, I can't wait to taste the one I bought.

Enjoy your weekend!


Feet on the ground

When I am travelling I actually enjoy taking photos of the things that you cannot find in a typical travel guide, I can’t resist taking pictures of cute places, rare people and things like that.
Much as I enjoy discovering new cities and great sights, my favorite part of a trip is finding the charm of the small corners.
It is the same to me with the pavements of the streets I walk around for the first time. I can’t help looking at my feet every time I discover something new under them.  
Therefore, I want to show you some of those singular pavement-photos here.

What about the first one? This is a ‘paving brick’ from Aspen, Colorado, one of the ‘heated sidewalks’ you can walk along even in a snowy evening on your dry boots.
There are lots of traditional houses and cozy mountain hotels you can still discover in this old mining town, also the most luxury boutiques and jewelry stores.
I loved this amazing ski- resort and have thousands of nice photos from there, moreover of the exclusive streets.
What little things do you like to take photos of?