Feet on the ground

Camino de Santiago



Along the route to Santiago, you can find a wide range of signs to guide you in your way to Compostela.  
Some of those signals are located on the floor, as the bright yellow arrows painted on the ground that you can find along many streets on the route.
However, I just took these pictures from the nearest streets to our house, where I usually go for a walk in the evenings.
I can imagine tired pilgrims looking down at their feet and meeting this nice signs that notice they’re on the right way.

Have you ever seen something like this? Do you want to share your photos?


Wednesday Indulgence_ 2012 04 18

Hi! Look what I have found in my email this afternoon, from the amazing NY Guggenheim Store

Two nice pieces of jewelry inspired by the Wright Guggenheim Museum of New York.
They are both from Pico Design, an incredible jewelry brand of 'Little architecture'. I've just discovered and I recommend you, all architecture lovers, to visit the site and see other pieces inspired in  Wright's designs and works.
And, as mom’s day is coming… I won’t say anything else.

Have a nice Wednesday!


Have a great weekend!

'Landscape, Architecture & Wine' Competition (only students)

I wish I could have taken part in a contest like this when I was an Architecture student. Living in La Rioja, with a fantastic vineyard landscape everywhere, is so inspiring…
(Imagen de la web arquideas)

This is a competition from arquideas, a fantastic website where you can find other contests, exhibitions and architectural news and events.
If you are a student, I recommend you to take a look at this and (why not?) take part!
Good luck!


Wednesday Indulgence _2012 04 11

Fallingwater® at home!
Well, holidays are gone and a new Wednesday is coming so…
I´ve been thinking what could I do to take a break tomorrow.  And I’ve discovered something really funny to spend some time all the family playing on the floor…

Yes! It’s Lego and it’s one of my favorite architecture icon (it’s my profile’s image), Fallingwater!
It includes instructions and a complete dossier about Frank Lloyd Wright and the details of the project.

And I had no idea it existed until now!  
I’m going to order it right now, and I promise to share with you the result of our construction work.

Have a nice Wednesday!


"Construcciones Vitivinícolas"

“Construcciones Vitivinícolas Palou”

Buenos días,
Aquí os dejo una foto que me traje de un rincón del Born de Barcelona (visita que os recomiendo).
Es el rótulo de lo que ahora es una tienda de complementos y bolsos., y se encuentra en la Plaça de les Olles.

Me encantaría saber de cuándo es el rótulo y la empresa, y qué tipo de Construcciones llevaba a cabo, seguramente para las bodegas más antiguas de la zona…
En estos días, las bodegas más pequeñas, tradicionales y familiares, en Cataluña tienen un gran auge, yo me he traído alguna muestra de sus vinos, espero comentarlos con vosotros pronto…