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Villa Mairea

I can’t stop writing about fire-places, this is a perfect time to uncork a bottle of wine near one, and I have lot of great houses in my head I’d like to share with you. But I’m going to stop this post-series, for the moment, I promise...
Villa Mairea is one of the greatest items of the domestic architecture, a kind of symbol for most of the architects, not the same for the arch.- students I think.

That’s why I had to post some of the pictures from this impressive interior, a ‘public’ main space into the house, opened to the rest of the house and directly connected with the exterior area.

This incredible living room, is a 14 x 14 meters square, but you could never imagine you are into that if you don’t see the plans, because of the ‘organic’ shapes and the walls that doesn’t meet the ceiling. There’s no geometrical order in the room and the structure of the house is quite complex. As an example, the location of the fireplace, it has no symmetry or formal situation and it has an sculptural singular form.
The relationship between the indoor and outdoor is one of the main points of interest of this Finnish house to me. Another one, could be the materials chosen by Alvar and Aino Aalto (I haven't mentioned the architects until now, I know there may be no need), a huge range of wood types and white painted bricks for some interior walls, as it was a Mediterranean house.
There’s a lot to say and more written about Villa Mairea, I only want to add one more thing about this ‘almost experimental’ building from 1939,  the fact that this project is the result of a large process, including changes and improvement decisions even when the construction job had started.
And If you ask me what kind of wine would I choose to enjoy is this amazing place, I have no doubt about it, Rioja Wine, so Cheers!


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