_YSIOS_ Iconic Rioja winery in 5 pictures

Rioja winery by Santiago Calatrava.

It’s been more than ten years since this winery was opened and I have always wanted to visit it and know more about this small Santiago Calatrava’s project.

Finally, we went toLaguardia last month and discovered Ysios, which name comes from Isis + Osiris, as we were told. Wine- tourism is a great idea for a summer weekend, specially in La Rioja.
So, I would like to share with you five images that defines my impressions about the building, the landscape and,,, the wine, of course._1_ Sierra de Cantabria

Image from the winery website

_2_ Aluminum

  _3_ A Glass of Wine (?)

_4_ Wood.

_5_ Waves.

This is an only volume winery, all the wine-making process is contained in a one long building what makes the winery simple. I can't imagine so simple the wine-making job into that small simple piece.
Apart the waves of the bright aluminum roof, there's an amazing vineyard around the building and the views from the tasting room are also incredible.
Ysios only produces Reserva Rioja wine and you can taste some of their selection at the end of the guided visit, which I recommend you.
Of course, I bought some wine and I will let you know when we taste again Ysios at home.

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