Ever been in a century old winery?

We are lucky, here in Rioja to have, a huge range of wineries you can visit, including historical wineries since more than a hundred years.
(Pictures from my latest visit to the barrel-room designed by Eiffel for CVNE winery in Haro, Rioja).
We have a new thing… I’ve decided to take some summertime to visit some of those antiques wineries and know about how they have grown and have been renewed. 
Traditional concrete wine- tanks

CVNE, one of the most famous old wineries in Rioja, was our first visit, and it was my first time in a “bottle cementery”. This is one of the doors to get down there, so dark, wet, near to the river…

But there are some actual and minimal spaces into such an old building…

This is the new attention desk, design by NINOM arq., the first thing you meet when you arrive at CVNE to start a guided visit. (Pictures from their web site).
After a nice (but brief, I have to say) visit to the main places into the winery, we tasted the Monopole White Rioja (the first white elaborated in Rioja), for the first time, Fresh!

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