Acceso a la Granja de N.Sra. de Remelluri

September is a perfect time to spend as much time as you have with your littlest outdoor: nice weather and time enough in the evening before sunset.
That’s why I propose this plan:
Get your trekking shoes and your camera and take a nice walk among vineyards now that harvest time is coming but not yet here.
There is a huge range of amazing landscapes and incredibly beautiful vineyards in Rioja so I can’t give a list… I only can recommend you some of my favorites to go with kids, with places to take a break and panoramic views, not so hard so you can go with them, not carrying them…

Picture from www.Remelluri.es

Recently, I was told about the nice unguided tours around Ntra. Sra. De RemelluriWinery, and I have to say it’s worth to take a walk and discover that amazing Sierra Cantabria landscapes.

Children enjoy a lot finding some rape grapes and tasting them… and if you’re lucky, you could meet a partridge jumping close to your feet…

Even more, the winery is one of the oldest Rioja wine producers, with a nice architecture and a really well conserved structure.
So, this could be a nice way to take a break this weekend, don't you think?

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