Have a great weekend!

_ ‘The bottle’

Some time ago (years actually!), we were given this bottle of sweet- Hungarian wine by a friend of us, great giveaway, isn't it? Since that day,  it has been in our fridge ready to be drunk. We have been waiting for a special moment to open it, but there have been lots of special moments and we haven’t tasted this.
This is an amazing wine, Tokaji Aszú, made with botrytised grapes, well known all around the world. I’ve tasted wines like this before, but no a 6 puttonyos’ one.
That’s why I’ve decided to open it next weekend, prepare a nice dinner and… 
Thereby that moment will become special!
You can find this yummy recipe at NYT- dinning
And this will be our first SUMMER WINE!

Are you saving any bottle for a special day too? Which one? I´d love to know...

Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. You could enjoy it with some cold Foie grass Or some kind of cheeses as blue cheese or Roquefort. Never ever with chocolate or very sweet cakes!

    1. Thanks for your advices, Javi.
      We enjoyed it so so so much...
      I will remember what you recommend me with the next Tokay bottle.