Have a great weekend

Summer is here!

It’s time to spend hours outdoors and have some wine with family and friends.
These are some photos I took in a recent trip to Norway, I love these nice terraces and the way Norwegian streets look in the summer. Even it’s not so warm weather as ours; they enjoy outdoors live and care a lot about the decoration and the details of their streets. I wish we’d do it more in many places in Spain.

Therefore, that’s my plan for this weekend: Bike- rides, some children’s swimming pool, and… funny familiar evenings with ‘fresh wine’ at the garden.
This is a great suggestion from Rioja... Nice video!
And what about yours?

Enjoy your weekend!

4 comentarios:

  1. Nice to meet you Eva! And BTW lovely pics! I love Scandinavian style :)

  2. Great pictures and beatiful place! what city did you visit?

  3. I'm so glad you liked it.
    Eva, I'm in love with Scandinavian design and life-style too...

  4. Javi, This is Drovak, not far from Oslo, a very very nice place to visit. You can find there Santa Claus' home there... I promise.