Wednesday Indulgence: Fall Colors

I’m not going to write about the beauty of Rioja fall colors again… Even when I love this amazing season and I have a lot of nice pictures of my own I want to share.
Today’s indulgence is about fall colors and a really yummy way to enjoy them… Eat them!

This is a great souvenir I was given last week and this is the last photo we took before we had them: Macarons from Paris!
But if you want to taste these delicious sweets to get an indulgence today too, you don’t need to go so far, I have some suggestions...

The picture above is from Fantoba, one of the oldest bakeries I know, and you can find it in Zaragoza.

Fantoba worth a visit, not only to buy some pastry but to visit a really 'vintage' candy shop and they also have a great selection of desert wines and spirits.

They call macarons "Deseos ocultos de Mª Antonieta" (Mª Antonieta's hidden desires?) and It always reminds me this pictures from Sofía Coppola film.

Here in Rioja is Harvest time and these are days of hard work... So we deserve a break. 

Have a great fall Wednesday!

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