Wednesday Indulgence: DIY Rietveld Furniture!

This is a great book I bought in Amsterdam some years ago…
It has been in front of my desk for this long time, I’ve been always planning to construct one of this amazing Modern Design and at last… This is the time.
I'm going to "try to construct" my own Rietveld piece.
This book contains a wide range of working plans, small details, lists of materials and instructions for each piece…
I was thinking about the Red-blue chair, even more when I discovered this great one not exactly red-blue… at the molodesign website I recommend you.
Did you ever try to make your own design piece of furniture?
I think this is a good way to understand the process of creation and the techniques of this great Dutch designer from the first years of the XX century.
Rietveld seated in his Red-Blue chair in front of his workshop

I will let you know about my results; hope I will be able to post a photo of me in my own Rietveld chair…

2 comentarios:

  1. Estimada Eva, qué tal vas con la silla? Prometiste fotos del proceso...

    Un abrazo,


  2. Carlos,
    La silla parecía más "fácil" viendo los planos... Estoy en ello, en breve fotos que lo prueban, o mejor dicho fotos que prueban que no soy tan manitas como yo creía... Ahora que leo tu comentario me voy a meter un poco de presión a ver si avanzo.
    Un abrazo,