Wednesday Indulgence: Guerlain 'bottles'


I must confess I’m addict to the Guerlain Acqua Allegoria fragrances. For a long time, when I was younger, I used to wear children’s perfume only, like Nenuco and some others (I still love how those waters smell…).
But since the day my sister let me taste the Angelique- lille Acqua Allegoria, I haven't changed my perfume, and I can’t wait every spring to find out  the new natural and refreshing fragrances…  And, obviously, get one.
Guerlain's web site worths a visit to learn about its history and the amazing Parisian boutiques where everything started...
This is the one I have almost finished from last summer (and the tiny one I usually bring in my bag) …

And… This is the new one, citric and soft as usual.

The reason why I have shared with you my little passion is because not only the fragrances are totally irresistible to me, but those bottles and their sophisticated design are also my favorites.
This current bottle design is the result of a long evolution from the antique ones...
And in order to improve my perfume collection I’ve added some other Guerlain treasures as …

 But I admit I only can wear this kind of intense perfume in some special dates and normally night events.
What kind of fragrance would you wear for a special day? You already know how I’d smell…

So, I’m going to perfume myself and enjoy my Wednesday!

Have a nice day!!!

3 comentarios:

  1. Un post muy diferente en tu blog, enhorabuena! Buen miércoles...
    Tiene mejor aroma!

  2. Bonito el detalle de la botella.

    1. Javi, gracias.
      No solo de aromas de vino se puede vivir...

      Un abrazo